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Learn How To Lower Triglycerides Naturally

by dmcsd on August 5, 2011

"Solana Health"Triglycerides are another type of fat that is carried in the blood by very low density lipoproteins. Excess calories, alcohol, or sugar in the body are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells throughout the body.  Heart attack risk is also increased significantly when your triglycerides are too high.  Ideally you want your triglyceride levels below 150 mg/dl. Our free e-book How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally also teaches you how to lower triglycerides using only natural ingredients. Several natural compounds discussed in our free e-book have been shown to lower triglyceride levels as much as 20% in a matter of months.

"Solana Health"

You’ve heard us say before that all fish oils are not the same, well here’s more proof.  In the latest Consumer Reports issue available this month on new stands they report that in their testing four brands (CVS, GNC, Sundown and Nature’s Bounty) had total PCBs that might earn a warning label under California’s Proposition 65, the Safe… Continue reading

"Solana Health"Another Reason to Learn How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Looking for other ways of how to lower cholesterol? As far back as 2000, Public Citizen a non-profit watch dog group has called for the FDA’s most severe warning be placed on Statin drugs due to their record of side effects and deaths.  Big pharmaceutical companies have their own… Continue reading

"Solana Health"The good news when you want to know how to lower cholesterol is that if you already have high cholesterol there are ways of bringing it down to normal and safer levels. Diet, medication and a few lifestyle changes can greatly lower cholesterol levels and improve overall health.

There are easy ideas to reduce cholesterol… Continue reading

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