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How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

It’s Easy and Safe

Red Yeast Rice - How to Lower Cholesterol Without DrugsYou may have recently had a lab test done and the results prompted you to think about how to lower cholesterol. Don’t worry, over half of us in the U.S. have cholesterol levels over 200 and a full 1/3rd are over 230, additionally many of us also have triglyceride levels that exceed recommended levels.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Without Drugs

The good news is that the information on this site will teach you how to lower cholesterol levels and how to lower triglycerides without taking prescription drugs that typically include statins. Side effects of these drugs can be very uncomfortable and you will find out how you can prevent this from happening to you.

After getting your cholesterol numbers from your doctor you might be wondering what you should do next?   First, it might be helpful to review what cholesterol is; It is a type of fat that our bodies need to maintain function of the nervous system, skin, muscles, intestines and organs like your heart.  Cholesterol levels come from two different sources: blood cholesterol is manufactured by your body in the liver, while dietary cholesterol comes from foods of animal origin, including meat, eggs, dairy products, fish and poultry.

Is Cholesterol Good or Bad?

Excessive Bad Cholesterol in Your Blood Can Form Blockages


Blood is watery, and cholesterol is fatty. To understand how to lower cholesterol, it is important to remember that just like oil and water, the two do not mix. The proportion of protein to fat is what makes some cholesterol ‘good’ and some ‘bad.’  In our free e-book: How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally, you can find out all of this information and more, please accept it as our free gift to you.

You may have read about the power of all natural Red Yeast Rice and Omega-3 which is the number one recommendation for how to lower cholesterol naturally. Studies published by the Mayo Clinic show this combination to be equal to Statin drugs with fewer side effects. Unfortunately, many brands of Red Yeast Rice have been shown to be contaminated with Citrin, a deadly fungus, and to have a huge variance in potency. To learn more about how to Lower cholesterol naturally we recommend the free e-book “How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally- The Top 7 Natural Remedies to Lowering Cholesterol“.

Go Natural and Avoid Statins Side Effects

By learning how to lower cholesterol naturally you will find out that it is achievable, affordable and in the long run much better for your health. The short version of the history of statin drugs is that 30 years ago Big Pharma discovered that a compound in Red Yeast Rice, a dietary staple in Asia for hundreds of years, was always the way they learned how to lower cholesterol naturally. Then Merk (big Pharma) synthesized the main active ingredient and patented it.

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